Leaders and Teachers

Project leader: Katja Treger

Katja Treger received her education and diplomas at the St Petersburg Conservatory Rimsky-Korsakov and continued her career at the conservatory as a ballet dancer, followed by the Theater for Classical Ballet, where she was a solo-dancer for the next 7 years.

After a change of location to Germany, she worked many years for a number of Ballet schools and cultural institutions.

In addition to her choreographic work, Katja also had a chance to cooperate with the Russian National Ballet Moscow for 2 years.

Since 2020, she is the summer intensive project leader for ballet pedagogics at Ballet Salou and works also as Ballet master assistant for the Theatre for Classical Ballet St. Petersburg.

Katja teaches according to the prestigious Vaganova method and provides a comprehensive and profound education for students of all ages.


Every teacher has extensive stage and teaching experience. Over two weeks a teaching concept will be developed. Every participant is important to us and will receive specific corrections. Our goal is to develop a true ballet company in the space of two weeks, because of this principle goal it is not possible to book singular classes. We guarantee professional lessons and an excellent experience. Sign up today! Spaces limited.